Take Tourists On Day Trips To Local Attractions On Your Car

´╗┐Easy hiring process. Ultimate working schedule flexibility.
TakeAround.me is a service that allows tourists to hire a local driver for a sightseeing trip. The client places an order on our platform, we tell you the planned date, time and itinerary of the trip, you decide whether you want to take the order or not. You can work with us part-time or full-time.
How To Become A Driver
Leave your contacts
Talk to our operator
Pass a formal check
Get your first client
What is the minimum driving experience?
3 years
Do you provide a car?
At the moment we work only with drivers who have their own cars. Your car should be able to accommodate 4 passengers, should have a functioning A/C, some space for the passengers' things, and be clean
What is the registration process?
You need to provide a copy / photo of your driver's license, a photo of yourself holding your driver's license, photos of your car (both from outside and from inside), and a copy / photo of documents confirming that you are the owner of the car. After this formal check, you sign a contract, and you can start working
How payments are made?
Payments are made in the first few days of the month for the previous month. The client can give you a tip after the trip directly if he / she wants to, we don't take any commission from it
Can I cancel my trip?
In case you need to cancel the trip, you must inform us at least 24 hours beforehand, otherwise, you will be issued a warning. A maximum of 2 warnings is allowed, after which we will be forced to discontinue our contract with you and ban you from our platform
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