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*You can extend your trip for 25€ / hour

Half-day trip
(4 hrs)
Full-day trip
(8 hrs)
Why Us?
Better than renting a car
You don't need a driver's license, don't get tired, don't have to worry about driving in an unknown location, and can order a car in just 5 minutes
Cheaper than taking a taxi
Pay a flat fee per day regardless of the distance covered and driver's waiting time
More exciting than taking an organized tour
You decide where to go and how much time to spend there
More convenient than taking a bus
Unfortunately, public transportation system in Cyprus is not very developed - buses run infrequently and simply don't go to most of the of the attractions
How do I pay?
Send us a message (just write one word - "Cyprus", our operator will reply within 2 minutes, ask you about the details of the trip, and give a free consultation on the best sights of the island). After that, he will send you a payment link.

To confirm the booking of the driver, you need to pay for the upcoming trip in full. You can pay for additional time (at a rate of 25€ per hour) at the end of the trip. We accept only online payments.
Do I need to order in advance?
We recommend booking a driver at least one day before your trip, but if you have special circumstances and want to go sightseeing the same day, write to us anyway - we will try to find a driver for you.
How many people can go?
One car can accomodate up to four people, however you can always order an additional car in case five or more people want to go. You pay for the car (as in a taxi), not for the number of passengers, so if you want to save up, traveling with a company may be a good idea.
What type of car will it be?
Our drivers are locals who will take you around in their cars. The car will be able to accommodate 4 passengers, will have an A/C, and some space for your things
Can I cancel my trip, and how?
If it is necessary to change the date/time of the trip or cancel it, please inform us about it 12 hours in advance. Otherwise, we will have to cancel your trip without a refund.
What if I'm late?
The trip begins as scheduled - so it is better not to be late, because in this case, you will have less time for sightseeing. If the client is late for more than an hour (and did not warn us about the rescheduling at least 12 hours in advance), the trip is canceled without a refund.

If we are talking about a delay during the trip (for example, you took a half-day trip, but at some point realized that 4 hours is not enough), you can always buy extra hours at 25€ each. If you exceed the time limit by no more than 15 minutes, you will not be charged for another hour. For example, if your half-day trip lasted 4 hours 12 minutes instead of 4 hours (as it should be), we will not charge you for these extra 12 minutes.
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